Thursday, September 22, 2011

Видео-обзор от группы SOUL OF THE GAMER на игру Dead Island 2011

представляют видеообзор,вы сможите увидите жесткое насилие,а так же сам геймлей,обзор очень серьезен,любителям посмееться не сюда,оставтесь с насми ,качайтете игры на

Канобувости, 80-й выпуск

Добро пожаловать на борт Канобувостей! Наш полет длится уже восемьдесят недель. Филеас Фогг за восемьдесят дней обогнул земной шар. Интересно, сколько раз наша передача обошла весь свет за это время?!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Amazing Third Person Animations (Pre-Patch)

Yes, yes, I know this is the dev build that Techland accidentally released and we aren't supposed to do this and all. But that doesn't change that the animations are still hilarious

Weird Zombie Glitch?

Some awesome glitched zombies from dead island. I was a bit skeptical about buying this game at first. Im glad I did! It is tons of fun and an enjoyable experience. Many good times to be had and many zombies to kill! If you liked this video don't forget it "Like" More to Come!

Dead Island Save game glitch Autosave Error Corrupted files

Dead Island Save game glitch Autosave Error Corrupted files
UPDATED I will offer a 90 day Xbox live code to a random person who comments and gives this video a thumbs up once comments reach 1000. **UPDATED** 

I have a total of 3 cards laying around, I will message the winner and then provide the code via email. If it goes over 1000 comments up to 2000 I will offer 2 cards.

Also the thumbs up must be over 80 percent total. I am serious and do not mess around. Nothing pisses me off more then shoddy developers pushing a release. Get this noticed prevent other people from spending their hard earned cash on a halfway done game.

To enter hit the thumbs up and post a message saying count me in.

Played this game for 6-7 hours made it to level 15 completed 45-50 missions and got a Autosave error. could not save game. Tried to select my other memory unit and it would not save either. Why wouldn't a totally different device work? I was pulling for this game and really hoped it would be excellent. It is a shame I invested the time I did because the game will be going bye bye. I even convinced all my friends to buy. Thought it would be a good game to play until the new COD came out.

Boy was I wrong

I called the nice little 1-888-883-1505 cutomer support number in the back of the manual and guess what it was disconnected.

Maybe the developers will be nice enough to give me a ring, or an email. You can reach me through my Youtube account. My 360 account is the same name. Huge2na.

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